The Official Release of ALOHA…Coming in July 2018

ALOHA: Adult Learning of Hawaiian Attributes will officially be released in July 2018. As of Thursday (6/14), I have officially completed my graduate program at Portland State University, a goal I’ve been working towards since 2015 (inspired by my first trip to the Rose City in 2014, after graduating from UH Hilo with my Bachelor’s).Continue reading “The Official Release of ALOHA…Coming in July 2018”

4 Learning Outcomes of a 4-year Degree

Throughout my journey in college, not only did I learn a wide-range of subject material, but the life skills required to accomplish goals.  Here are four major learning outcomes from my experience: Perseverance – pushing on regardless of life’s circumstances.  By envisioning your goal and having the determination to get there, nothing will stop youContinue reading “4 Learning Outcomes of a 4-year Degree”

Big Island AIDS Walk – Why Do You Walk?

  On April 12, 2014, a local non-profit dedicated to stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS, hosted their 3rd Annual Big Island AIDS Walk at Lili’uokalani Gardens in Hilo. The Hawai’i Island HIV/AIDS Foundation also known as HIHAF offers many services not only for at-risk individuals, but the community at large also. Funded by the Center of DiseaseContinue reading “Big Island AIDS Walk – Why Do You Walk?”