4 Learning Outcomes of a 4-year Degree

Embracing the Future

Throughout my journey in college, not only did I learn a wide-range of subject material, but the life skills required to accomplish goals.  Here are four major learning outcomes from my experience:

  • Perseverance – pushing on regardless of life’s circumstances.  By envisioning your goal and having the determination to get there, nothing will stop you on the road to success.  Life undeniably has many obstacles, some of which come without any fair warning (ex: death, loss of job, health, etc.); however, it is beneficial for us to use them as stepping-stones in strengthening our endurance in the end.  Take a moment to catch your breath, handle the situation accordingly, and then get back on track.
  • Vulnerability – living outside of our comfort zone.  I’ve always doubted my abilities to obtain a 4-year degree for many different reasons, but by opening up to its possibilities I’ve allowed myself to learn and grow in the process.  It feels great doing something unfamiliar because it helps us to face our fears, which is one of the biggest challenges that disable us from fulfilling our dreams.
  • Living in the present – being in the here and now.  We can’t predict what the future has in store for us, nor do we have the ability to travel back in time.  What’s done is done and what’s meant to be will eventually come.  The only thing we’re able to control is the present moment.  Cherish it and use it wisely with no regrets.
  • Listening – not only to what is said, but also to what is happening around us.  What is your body trying to say?  The environment? Your professors?  Your co-workers?  Your family and friends? Your pets? The music that’s randomly playing? Learning to listen and trusting our intuition is vital in the success of college and life in general.

I never took these values serious in my early adulthood, but as time passed I began embracing them more.  It took for me to move back to Hawai’i where there are less external noises and influence, to gain the patience for managing my internal voices (i.e. emotions, feelings and such), or it could of just been a sign of maturity. (*Definitely not age!!!)

There’s a Hawaiian proverb that says, E lawe i ke a’o a mālama a e ‘oi mau ka na’auao, which means, Take what you have learned and apply it and your wisdom will increase. Despite everyone’s college experience being different, these main points can be applied universally, and towards your own personal success in the future, whatever goals you’re working towards.

BONUS: Like the knowledge gained through the experience (of the degree), no one can ever take it away!!!



Published by Mika Mulkey

Aloha mai kākou! Greetings to All. My name is Mika Mulkey. I'm a native Hawaiian academic and educator, born and raised on the Island of Hawai'i. I've dedicated my life to spreading the spirit of aloha around the world, and have been fortunate enough to live in beautiful California, Oregon, Nevada and currently Hawai'i. My purpose for starting this blog is to share my life experiences of navigating as a queer Hawaiian professional, along with educating folks around the world about Hawaiian culture and the true meaning of Aloha. This is a part of my kuleana or obligations as an educator, and as a native Hawaiian. By embodying the true spirit of aloha, we can improve our quality of life, inspire and motivate others, and perhaps change the world.

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